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This site was created to share memories and pictures in honor of our brother Davis Allen Jones. He was a caring man who lost his life serving his country on Hill 25, province of Quang Nam, Viet Nam, November 2nd 1967.

In Memory of Davis,
     I have recently met some of your friends from hill 25. I now know they loved you; for that I am grateful. Also that you were not alone that night.
     I still remember our big dream of buying that farm on Rt. 58 and putting up a nightclub and making a fortune!! Also the fond memories of stopping after our paper routes at the Dari Delight for a chocolate milkshake. And prom night - that was a special time.
     I also remember some very sad times, too. One of my favorite things you said alot was "Dont forget I'm your older brother" and my response was that I could still whip your butt. Good times and sad times.
     I want to thank Rich for all that he has done for us and being a part of our lives. Also Doc. And, hopefully, we will meet next spring. I know Davis had you two in his heart.
     We all miss you and love you, 'til we meet again.
     Your twin,

David and Davis

Davis Allen Jones
Davis Allen Jones