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Davis wrote this letter to his Mom on November 1, 1967.  Mom received this letter in a mud spattered envelope the day after we learned that he was killed. 

Dear Mom,                  Nov 1, 67
Received your letter(s) today.  I got 3 letters from you and Angie.  Mom I wish you wouldn't work so much, it's hard on you, even if you don't realize it.  I'm going to talk to my career advisor and see if I can get stationed in Ohio when I leave here.  If I can, I'll be able to help out at the house.  Russ wrote to me, he's in the 3rd Division.  He may be up at the DMZ when he comes over - I hope not.
I can't wait to see Philip and everybody else.  I'm sure they've all grown.


[p. 3]
Please send homemade cookies and candy, it sounds great.  You don't realize how much it helps to see and receive a package from home.
Just got paid.  I only drew $95.00 off so I can save for Christmas.  If I can get into Danang I may order some gifts by mail for you and the kids.  Well mama, I hate to close but not anything new around here.
Be good, and please don't work so hard.


I have a letter dated the 18th of October.  It almost tore my heart out.  I'm terribly sorry that I said that you weren't faithful in writing.  I forgive you because you're my mother but I'm sure glad you did write.  It means so much to me.  It's hard to believe that John is ten years old.  I'll bet he's big.  I hope Bonnie's ear gets better.
Not much happening here except I've put on weight from eating so many C-Rats.  It sure gets sickening after 5 months of them.  Sure did enjoy the fruit - it's quite a change.