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Davis wrote this letter to his sister Bonnie. Although it is not dated, it was probably written in June or July 1967.

Dear Bonnie,

Just got your letter, was so glad to hear from you. The first thing I want to ask you is some advice. I've been here 6 months now and I'm thinking of extending for a 6 month tour. In other words, I'd be over here for 19 months, but after being over here 10 months, I can get a 30 day leave to get home for extending; in other words, I could come home , say about Dec. 20 and get 30 days leave and then come back over here for the rest of my tour.


[p. 3]

We just got some real good news, we may be staying on this hill indefinitely, that would be real good. I haven't heard from David in about 2 months, I don't know where he is, do you have any idea? The picture was real good, now I wish I had a picture of the family. Chris has been writing to me, what do you think of that? I'm going on R&R to Hawaii maybe next month. Oh yes, I'm starting to comb my hair a


[p. 5]

Tell Angie to write, and tell Terry to watch for B.B.M. [Big Bad Marine] > namely me
seeing you sometime. Oh yes, tell Tim that his older brother said hello, and I'll be writing to him some time in the near future. We shall have a swinging time come about Christmas (maybe) if not then, then in March we'll have a time. Well I want you to treat Gary good, and be good to the kids and write real soon. Bye now.
Lance - Babe
Corporal - Type
S_ _ H_ _[?]


[written on back of envelope]

"Viet Nam a Go Go"


[p. 2]

I figured I'd come home next August if I extended, but after the 6 months I'd get another 30 days leave free, for extending you get a 30 day leave free, I'd probably be a corporal on my first 30 day leave and maybe a seargent on my second 30 day leave, I'd really be making quite a bit of money also. I'm not sure yet, but let me know what you think.


[p. 4]

different way now, I'm going to have some pictures of me taken and my new hair style, I'll be a swinging dude, when I come home. I'm saving all (almost) of my money. I'll be getting quite a bit of money if I don't go under (ha ha) first I plan to take about $300.00 on R&R, I shall have a little fun after being in this hell hole for 7 months. Remind Mom to send me my hunting knife.
Say hi to everybody for me and I'll be


[p. 6]

You'd best write real soon EM! BC!

I'm proud of myself for making L/Cpl also (ha ha).

I guess you think I'm happy and gay and crazy
you're right

your brother closes now