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The next few pages contain Polaroids  from Davis' photo album.  After many years we are finally meeting and learning about some of the Marines whose pictures he kept.


This is the cover of Davis' photo album. There were seven Polaroid photos inside, which are all on this site.


This is C. A. Parker of Texas, known by the nickname "Red" or "Tex".   The photo may have been taken at battalion headquarters.


This is a family favorite of Davis outside a bunker.


This is Michael P. Bruce of Cut Off, Louisiana on the left and Davis on the right.  They were great friends, and we are thankful that Michael completed his tour before the attack.  

"Your brother was one of a kind.  Happy go lucky and almost always a smile to greet you day to day.
Your brother and I would talk quite alot in Vietnam.  He told me that he came from a big family and from the pictures you've sent, he was right.
All these years that have gone by I did not know that Davis was one of the casualites.  Davey was a very good man.  God bless his soul.  We all liked him very much - everyone on the hill said the same thing." 
- Michael Bruce, February 24, 2002 

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