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Doc Hanmore

This is I, Doc Hanmore. 
We were very lucky in that we had a stream that ran by our hill.  We always had water to drink and bathe in.  They would bring fresh drinking water out ot the hill.  At times, though, we would run out and have to take 5-gallon water cans to be filled.  Put in chemicals and shake like hell.  It did not look clear and tasted like chemicals, but we had water to drink. 
Sometimes we would buy a block of ice from a man riding a bicycle.  There was daily rations of Cokes and beer. 
When we went to the stream to swim, or for water, we always took a guard to keep watch.  We weren't as worried about the VC sneaking up on us as we were about a snake.  This snake had a head on it bigger than a football, and over 15-feet long.

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