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Living Bunker

This is one of our living bunkers.  You can see the fighting bunker in the back to the left. 
When we first arrived at Hill 25 we were just to be there two weeks, then rotate to Hill 52 for a month.  Then spend another two weeks on Hill 25 and keep up this rotation.  Each group made and furnished their own bunkers.  We put alot of work into that hill in two weeks and we all just wanted to stay there and not do all that rotating. 
We wanted a place to call home.
The field kitchen was on Hill 52 so we ate C-Rations.  We made a grill out of a barrel, and had some pretty good parties. 
There are two state flags flying from this bunker.  At one time the US flag was flying there but some officer flew out one day and made us take it down because we weren't allowed to fly it there.  Go Figure!

Doc's Photos